Here’s Help With Creating A Personal Marketing Plan

A personal marketing plan is something that every business owner should have. Without a marketing plan, your business is dead in the water. I used to think that marketing plans are for losers and they have no relevance to the real-life world of doing business. Boy was I wrong.

I discovered that without a plan, it will be tough to market my business successfully. It took me 5 years to finally devise a 14-page marketing plan, but once I did it, the solution was revealed to me. You see once I created my plan, it was almost a copy and paste job. I didn’t have to wonder what to do next – all I had to do was refer to my business plan and follow the list step by step. It should be your goal to develop a personal marketing plan also.

So tell me, what’s your plan to acquire more customers for your business? You should know the answer to this question off the top of your head. The best way to get an answer that you can remember is simply to write it down. When I wrote out my business plan, everything became clear to me, and I had to do was follow the plan and I would be set. I suggest you take the time to create a marketing plan so that you can focus more of your efforts to attending to your business, and not wondering how to market your business.

Part of your marketing plan should be about how you expect to sell more of your products to your existing customers. If you didn’t already know, 80% of your business profits will come from sales off the backend. This is simply because you don’t have to persuade or convince someone to do business with you. Your existing customers know you and like you, and don’t mind doing business with you.

Now let’s talk about the content of your marketing plan. What I mean by the content are the actual strategies that you will use to acquire more new customers. One great technique that I use is direct mail. Direct mail is getting more and more expensive to do, but it nevertheless still works the same as it used to be when postage costs were left.

Another technique that still works till this day is newspaper advertising. You could run advertorials, coupon ads, free offers, and etc to make this technique work for you. People still read the newspapers so this is a good place to begin your marketing efforts from. Be sure to include your contact information in the ad and offer more than one way to respond. Not everyone wants to respond in the same way – so keep this in mind.

It doesn’t matter what technique you implement in your business, just make sure that you have a clear and concise marketing plan that will work for years to come. It will more than likely pay for itself in the long term scheme of things.

What’s Your Plan For Marketing Your Business?

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living and what kind of business that you own. You have to have a plan for marketing your business. You see some people think marketing and advertising your business is the same thing. This is simply not true. And right now, I’m going to differentiate between the two.

Advertising is all about finding new venues to promote your business. Marketing is all about creating a strategy for closing new prospects. You see most of the time, your prospects don’t want to order right away. You have to give them time to respond to your marketing efforts. It takes at least 3 contacts to turn a prospect into a customer, so keep this in mind as you go about turning lookers into buyers.

Part of the plan for your business should be if you want to use a wide variety of marketing techniques to promote your products and services. I used to use only one method of marketing but I soon realized that this one technique could freeze up on me at anytime – so I incorporated more marketing techniques to my arsenal of promotion strategies.

If you’re like most of the business owners I know, you run ineffective yellow page ads, poor newspaper ads, and run no direct mail campaigns at all. Direct mail is actually an excellent way to find good prospects for your business, and even though it’s getting more and more expensive, you should still find a way to incorporate this method into your business.

So how are you supposed to run yellow page ad? It’s all about standing out from the crowd. Design your ad in the form of a coupon, and tell these lookers that they can get a free gift if they come into your store or call you on the phone. You will want to do the same thing with newspaper ads – but with the newspaper, have prospects cut out the coupon to have it redeemed in the store. The implications of this are awesome.

Part of your marketing plan should definitely include the internet. The internet has given business owners a great way to promote their business for a fraction of the cost that it would take to promote a business offline. When marketing your business online, you will want to do a variety of things to attract potential new customers. Luckily, online advertising isn’t that expensive.

Design your website in a way that it’s geared towards obtaining a prospects contact information. You want to do this so that you can follow up on this free lead with your marketing materials. And believe it or not, people who opt-in to your form are great buyers. Leads that you obtain from the internet are excellent groups of people to sell to.

The bottom line is that you need a plan to market your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re advertising or running a backend marketing campaign – always proceed with a thorough plan. If you don’t have a plan, your dead in the water. So keep these tips in mind.

Top 10 Secondary Market Annuity Facts

Traditional asset management strategies focus on a balanced blend of stocks and bonds. Individual managers have various strategies for managing each portion, but students of history learned over 100 years ago in the Industrial Revolution that specialization was the key to unlocking productivity and performance. Why entrust your retirement income needs to a generalist? Why not engage a specialist, an expert in the unique challenge of generating secure, guaranteed INCOME?

Asset accumulation is very different than income maximization….

Secondary Market Annuities offer superior returns and superior safety over the methods of stock-bond generalists. Lets investigate a Secondary Market Annuity to understand why- we’ll use the example of a structured settlement for this example.

Our Secondary Market example starts when an injured party wins their case, let’s assume it’s a worker hurt on the job, and the employer’s insurance pays a settlement. Rather than a lump sum, the injured party gets a series of payments over many years, and the paying party settles this case by putting a sum of money with another insurance company that backs the future payments. The losing party can close its books and move on, and the winner has its award.

Now let’s assume the winning party decides they want cash now instead of future payments. In most cases, this change to the court ordered settlement requires a new court hearing, where the court supervises the process to ensure fairness to all parties. The winning party- called the annuitant- sells the future payment stream in this court process at a discounted present value to a factoring company.

A well known factoring company is J.G. Wentworth, who uses direct -to-consumer ads offering cash now for future payments, through aggressive internet, TC, and radio ads with catchy jingles.

The factoring company exchanges cash now for the future income stream, and due to the discounted purchase price, makes a decent profit in the trade. Most factoring companies then bundle or securitize these financial assets into portfolios and re-sell in large blocks to banks, insurance companies, and investors. Securitized portfolios offer high credit, high quality cash flows and are consequently in high demand.

So What? How is This of Value to You?

Court supervised, cash backed payment contracts with highly rated insurance companies are high quality assets in high demand. But in recent years individual investors have obtained access to this marketplace and actively snap up these high yield, low risk, guaranteed payments from the likes of Met Life, New York Life, Genworth, and other highly rated insurance companies

Financially astute investors can benefit with Secondary Market Annuities in the fixed income or low risk portion of their portfolio precisely because of the low risk nature of these assets. Rather than buying corporate or Treasury bonds, or fixed annuities, with low yields, they can obtain the same safety with much higher yield on the Secondary Market.

Let’s look at the Top 10 Secondary Market Annuity (SMA) Facts:

1) Unlike many other kinds of annuities, Secondary Market Annuity payments are contractual guarantees, not projections based on future performance.

2) SMA’s offer higher than average returns on a fixed income portion of your portfolio.

3) SMA transactions are largely unknown to the general public and are not readily available to individual buyers.

4) SMA payments are very secure and come from the highest rated life insurance companies. Some are also available from State Lottery commission.

5) Secondary Market Annuities do not have hidden administrative fees.

6) Secondary Market Annuities are contracts not tied to your lifespan, and can thus offer payments to your heirs after you pass on.

7) All SMA’s require a court approval prior to transfer to you, and are scrutinized in the process.

8) Secondary Market Annuity payments are paid directly to you, not to an intermediary. The payments are direct obligations of a U.S.A. based insurance company. Credit ratings of these companies range from A.A.A to A by Standard and Poor’s.

Fax Broadcasting or Fax Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow

Fax Broadcasting has many benefits and can be used as a compliment to your other direct marketing campaigns. You can also use it to keep in touch with your current clients quickly and easily.

Cost efficient marketing for Your Business

Outsource your fax distribution and save a lot of revenue. You don’t need to waste your money purchasing paper or stationary to print labels or envelopes to address, or boxes to carry to the post office (the bare minimum needed to send a traditional direct mail).

Your company can also do away with the cost of labour needed for a mass mailing.

With a severe competition amongst fax broadcasting / marketing / bulk providers, companies can broadcast your message for a fee as low as 1p per fax. Thats over 30 times cheaper than direct mail and half the cost of most email broadcasting. Fax Broadcasting gives you the best of both of these worlds at a fraction of the cost.

Many fax marketing companies even provide you selectable fax numbers included in the cost.

Superior Fax Quality

As most fax machines are capable of receiving and printing readable faxes at 200 dpi, the quality of the fax broadcast is largely determined by the senders machine. The companies who provide fax marketing services have industrial high resolution fax servers. This ensures your fax broadcast page comes through to the recipient in the best quality possible.

Companies specialising in fax broadcasting and fax marketing can help the client to broadcast the documents any time of the day or night. They can also be scheduled days, weeks, or even months in advance.

Many fax broadcasting and bulk faxing providers can personalise the documents for each transmission by merging an unlimited number of fields from the customers data onto each document transmission as they transmit. This means you can merge your clients address, name and anything else you want onto your fax broadcast page

Immediate Increase in enquiries and sales.

Fax broadcasting gets you enquiries instantly as the message gets noticed instantly, especially if it is sent at the right time of day. A good fax marketing service will be able to schedule your fax for any time of day, days weeks and even months in advance.

You can target your campaign accurately

Some of the fax marketing providers maintain fax data lists of companies which can be selected by area, or business type in various different ways. If you use a fax broadcasting service, many supply the fax data free of charge for you to select the perfect targets. This saves you having to purchase costly fax data for each fax marketing campaign.

Reliable Delivery

You should receive a report for the delivery of each fax so you know about the ones that bounced back or weren’t delivered, if you use your own data. If you use the fax Broadcasting service provider’s data, they should only charge you fr successful faxes or a minimum success rate. Some will charge you a flat rate for a minimum send, 20,000 for example and guarantee at least that amount are sent. This usually means you get better value for money as the company may sent up to 21,000 for your 20,000 fax payment.

Most fax Broadcast providers retry each fax up to 3 times if the recipients line is busy.

Bulk Faxing, Marketing or Broadcasting whatever you may call it, it is a brilliant method for marketing your business, to both prospects and current customers. A whole host of advantages in terms of cost and time are evident.

The best part is that it is very simple and to give it a try, and it wont break the bank.

I have tried out many services over the years but the one i would happily recommend to everyone is While some other companies come with part of the package these guys bring you everything in one place.

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