Here’s Help With Creating A Personal Marketing Plan

A personal marketing plan is something that every business owner should have. Without a marketing plan, your business is dead in the water. I used to think that marketing plans are for losers and they have no relevance to the real-life world of doing business. Boy was I wrong.

I discovered that without a plan, it will be tough to market my business successfully. It took me 5 years to finally devise a 14-page marketing plan, but once I did it, the solution was revealed to me. You see once I created my plan, it was almost a copy and paste job. I didn’t have to wonder what to do next – all I had to do was refer to my business plan and follow the list step by step. It should be your goal to develop a personal marketing plan also.

So tell me, what’s your plan to acquire more customers for your business? You should know the answer to this question off the top of your head. The best way to get an answer that you can remember is simply to write it down. When I wrote out my business plan, everything became clear to me, and I had to do was follow the plan and I would be set. I suggest you take the time to create a marketing plan so that you can focus more of your efforts to attending to your business, and not wondering how to market your business.

Part of your marketing plan should be about how you expect to sell more of your products to your existing customers. If you didn’t already know, 80% of your business profits will come from sales off the backend. This is simply because you don’t have to persuade or convince someone to do business with you. Your existing customers know you and like you, and don’t mind doing business with you.

Now let’s talk about the content of your marketing plan. What I mean by the content are the actual strategies that you will use to acquire more new customers. One great technique that I use is direct mail. Direct mail is getting more and more expensive to do, but it nevertheless still works the same as it used to be when postage costs were left.

Another technique that still works till this day is newspaper advertising. You could run advertorials, coupon ads, free offers, and etc to make this technique work for you. People still read the newspapers so this is a good place to begin your marketing efforts from. Be sure to include your contact information in the ad and offer more than one way to respond. Not everyone wants to respond in the same way – so keep this in mind.

It doesn’t matter what technique you implement in your business, just make sure that you have a clear and concise marketing plan that will work for years to come. It will more than likely pay for itself in the long term scheme of things.

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