Fax Broadcasting or Fax Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow

Fax Broadcasting has many benefits and can be used as a compliment to your other direct marketing campaigns. You can also use it to keep in touch with your current clients quickly and easily.

Cost efficient marketing for Your Business

Outsource your fax distribution and save a lot of revenue. You don’t need to waste your money purchasing paper or stationary to print labels or envelopes to address, or boxes to carry to the post office (the bare minimum needed to send a traditional direct mail).

Your company can also do away with the cost of labour needed for a mass mailing.

With a severe competition amongst fax broadcasting / marketing / bulk providers, companies can broadcast your message for a fee as low as 1p per fax. Thats over 30 times cheaper than direct mail and half the cost of most email broadcasting. Fax Broadcasting gives you the best of both of these worlds at a fraction of the cost.

Many fax marketing companies even provide you selectable fax numbers included in the cost.

Superior Fax Quality

As most fax machines are capable of receiving and printing readable faxes at 200 dpi, the quality of the fax broadcast is largely determined by the senders machine. The companies who provide fax marketing services have industrial high resolution fax servers. This ensures your fax broadcast page comes through to the recipient in the best quality possible.

Companies specialising in fax broadcasting and fax marketing can help the client to broadcast the documents any time of the day or night. They can also be scheduled days, weeks, or even months in advance.

Many fax broadcasting and bulk faxing providers can personalise the documents for each transmission by merging an unlimited number of fields from the customers data onto each document transmission as they transmit. This means you can merge your clients address, name and anything else you want onto your fax broadcast page

Immediate Increase in enquiries and sales.

Fax broadcasting gets you enquiries instantly as the message gets noticed instantly, especially if it is sent at the right time of day. A good fax marketing service will be able to schedule your fax for any time of day, days weeks and even months in advance.

You can target your campaign accurately

Some of the fax marketing providers maintain fax data lists of companies which can be selected by area, or business type in various different ways. If you use a fax broadcasting service, many supply the fax data free of charge for you to select the perfect targets. This saves you having to purchase costly fax data for each fax marketing campaign.

Reliable Delivery

You should receive a report for the delivery of each fax so you know about the ones that bounced back or weren’t delivered, if you use your own data. If you use the fax Broadcasting service provider’s data, they should only charge you fr successful faxes or a minimum success rate. Some will charge you a flat rate for a minimum send, 20,000 for example and guarantee at least that amount are sent. This usually means you get better value for money as the company may sent up to 21,000 for your 20,000 fax payment.

Most fax Broadcast providers retry each fax up to 3 times if the recipients line is busy.

Bulk Faxing, Marketing or Broadcasting whatever you may call it, it is a brilliant method for marketing your business, to both prospects and current customers. A whole host of advantages in terms of cost and time are evident.

The best part is that it is very simple and to give it a try, and it wont break the bank.

I have tried out many services over the years but the one i would happily recommend to everyone is FaxBroadcasting.eu. While some other companies come with part of the package these guys bring you everything in one place.

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