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3 Network Marketing Success Secrets

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This article is going to focus on some basic elements to your network marketing business model. Although these are key elements to both quicker success and long-term success, not many networkers employ everything here. If YOU don’t, please take my advice and consider expanding your business. Otherwise, you are stacking the odds against yourself needlessly.

First, of course, is the actual network marketing (or MLM) business that you are involved with. Since the goal here is to create a long-term, residual income, there are a few key points that your business MUST have. First, the company and management need to be strong fundamentally. The company should be debt free, have proven itself in the marketplace, and the management team should have the highest ethical standards. The company should have a long term focus on quality, and always keep at the forefront of their thoughts of all activities the impact to distributors. The product or product line should be consumable, unique in some way, and be of the highest quality. It does NOT have to be cheap or inexpensive, so long as there is a clear way to communicate its value.

Your absolute belief in the product, company, and opportunity is what is going to attract people to join you, so you better be sure you have that. In fact, an important exercise to do before you even begin is to work out your life vision, goals, and your important values. You need to make sure that your network marketing business is in alignment. Otherwise, you are almost certainly doomed to fail because you will never be 100% into your own business.

Secondly, the internet has really changed network marketing for the better. No longer are the 3% or so who can build a large network marketing business through their warm market the only ones who can succeed. Now, with appropriate marketing skills, we can reach more people more quickly and cheaply than ever before. Most importantly, our ability to specifically target prospects has never been more refined. However, 95% of the prospects you pay to advertise to will never join your primary opportunity. That is just a fact of life. This can make advertising expensive, in many cases too expensive for the every day part-time person to afford.

The trick is to make retail sales of appropriate training material or other tools to those people. This is known as a funded proposal, and allows you to reduce, offset, or even make a profit on your advertising efforts. Again, you want to refer only the highest quality products and training. My favorite resource for this are the training products that Mike Dillard has put out. His training is top-notch (I personally own it all and have benefited greatly) and he has a full suit of training that covers many topics important to network marketers.

The third element is known as a Top Tier program, or a high end direct sales business. It is also being called the G.P.T. Model, or Get Paid Today. The concept is that you refer customers to high end, high commission products that have great value. This allows you to pocket very large commissions up front (typically, this will start at $1,000), so that you are earning significant money now while your network marketing business grows. Astoundingly, the $1,000 commission is usually only for the first level of product. Typically, there will be a second and third level multi-day conference package that will have commissions payable to you as high as $5,000 and then $8 or $9,000. Even one or two sales here will make a big difference to your bottom line.

Especially here, you want to make absolute certain that you believe in the products and their value completely. As with all of your business dealings, your name is on the line.

Since these companies are direct sales and not network marketing, you will usually only be paid for a couple sales made further in your downline, if at all. (For example, in the “Aussie 2 Up” model, the first 2 sales made by anyone you refer will be passed up to you, and after that your referrals’ businesses are disconnected.)

There is one Top Tier company I’ve found that incorporates downline sales activity into a substantial residual income for you, but the details of that are more complicated than I can go into here.

If you look at each element individually, you’ll see that each has a weakness. Affiliate sales are typically only one-time sales for fairly small amounts; network marketing commission checks generally take several years to grow to substantial amounts; and high end direct sales commissions, though large, are generally one-time sales, and you do not benefit greatly from downline activity.

However, when combining these three seamlessly together, their strengths add up to be quite an impressive business model in total. Affiliate sales can completely offset advertising expenses; high end direct sales commissions allow you to make substantial money quickly; and your network marketing business builds a substantial residual income over a relatively short period of a couple years time.

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Getting the Article Writing Process Started for Your Direct Sales Business

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All business owners, whether you’re in direct sales or another business, you have a lot of ideas when it comes to your products or services. And you want the world to know about it.

Instead of telling people about your products, services, or business opportunity- which most newbies love to do, using article writing to share what you know is more effective than waiting for someone to pitch your ideas to.

But how do you actually get started with writing articles?

Start with what you already know. If you’re a beginner this is the easiest way to get started because you’re writing about something you know a lot about.

You’re also writing on a topic you have a great deal of interest in otherwise you wouldn’t be selling the products.

Organize your thoughts and write down your ideas. Don’t worry about making it perfect because you’ll have to edit and edit some more before you publish it. The #1 goal is to get some ideas down on paper or on your computer.

One of the easiest tips I’ve found to get the writing process going is to write as if I’m answering a question for someone.

Let’s say you’re selling natural skin care products. Imagine someone has a question about what’s the best way to treat acne prone skin naturally?

You would answer this question in writing by highlighting the benefits of using natural skin care products to calm acne prone skin.

#1 Organize your thoughts and ideas.

#2 Start an outline and write your first draft.

#3 Pick a topic that your target market has a problem that needs help with (example above).

#4 Select a few benefits (2-5) from using your products (without selling) that would eliminate your target market’s problem.

#5 Before you publish your article- ask yourself if you’ve answered your target market’s problem or address their concerns?

Article writing is about putting your reader’s needs first. Your role is to educate and inform them on a pain or problem. You want to be a solution to their problems.

Close your article, without using “in closing or in summary”, by re-iterating the benefits and important points you want your readers to remember. And have a strong call-to-action for your reader.

The end goal is to inspire your readers to do something after reading your article. That is the primary goal with using articles to market your business.

Do you want them to click on your website? Download a free report or gift you’re giving away? Share your article?

Make sure you have one call-to-action so your readers know what they should do after reading your article. People are more likely to do something if prompted.

Need help on how to use the free method of article writing and marketing to generate new leads for your direct sales business? Visit my site and sign up for your free 10-Part Mini Course and start attracting leads the easy way.

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Event Marketing 101 – Getting the Word Out

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You may want to get sophisticated with a website that enables online registration, email reminders to registrants and email blasts to prospective attendees, but event marketing is all about getting the word out.

No matter what size event, there is no shortage of tools to help you realize that goal. It could be a quarter-page or even full-page ad in the newspaper or even a multi-page brochure.

Providing accurate information to the attendees is one of the main ingredients to success. Other marketing ideas like direct mail, email marketing, blog marketing, event sponsorship etc. can be appropriate and effective.

Marketing Software

Marketing software plays an integral part in communication globally, and also between the different groups of staff sometimes necessary when launching a large event. It also helps you stay organized by keeping track of multiple tasks, providing lists and forms, even blank contracts for handy use.

There are software packages that are specific to particular tasks such as providing detailed schematics of the event space which is useful for event management, event planning, caterers, audio visual and production companies.

Other software can be turnkey packages addressing all aspects of event planning and management, both online and offline.

Event Invitations

The prudent planner will always send invitations at least a month or two in advance of the event. The who, what, why, when, and where information as well as the design, and printing must be flawless.

Invitation style can give an indication as to the nature of the event, whether casual, formal, academic, etc.

Marketing Tools

Marketing tools range from brochures, ads, publicity, formal invitations, flyers, posters, press releases, registration forms, websites, emails, interoffice memos, etc. They come in all colors, shapes, and styles, even sounds and video, that can do the job of getting your message across to your target audience. You need to get imaginative with what you use and how you apply it.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing allows you to track your marketing multiple ways. Testing and tracking is vital to your marketing efforts. Using the resulting data properly can help you obtain new clients by abandoning useless campaigns and expanding successful ones.

People who tend to pride themselves on being part of an elite group and highly value membership and association are the kinds of clients who will produce repeat business. Taking advantage of this trait and targeting that audience with surprise bonuses, and nurturing communication, can greatly increase your event attendance.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a proven marketing medium with a long history of delivering results. It includes advertising circulars, catalogs, business cards, and other commercial merchandising materials and incentives (like all sorts of promotional items).

Depending on the profile of your target audience, your marketing medium can either be delivered on location by teams on the street distributing handouts or mailed using pre-selected mailing lists.

Event Sponsorship

Event Sponsorship is a give-and-take relationship that can be philanthropic or contractual in a way that all involved will benefit.

Most large corporations, for profit or non-profit, have set budgets to participate in event sponsorship as a marketing strategy to reach great numbers of their customers, users, audiences, clients, all at one time.

The sponsors get brand or product recognition, promotion, and perhaps qualified leads. The event can get extra money, products and donations to save on expenses.

Attendees get informational products to use, or free gifts and product samples. It’s a win-win relationship.

Promotional Marketing

Promotional marketing is a business marketing strategy designed to motivate a customer to take action towards a buying decision. Using coupons, contests, promotional products, giveaways and samples can boost sales for your event.

Social Marketing

Social marketing endeavors to inspire social behaviors, not to benefit the marketer, but to benefit the target audience or group.

Social Marketing is a new breed of marketing, in that it requires listening to the needs, trends, and desires of the target prospects and catering to them, rather than dictating a marketing message.

This requires putting your finger on the pulse and getting a feel for market trends through thorough research and constant re-evaluation of each aspect of your marketing initiatives.

A good place to turn to for such marketing would be ezines, blogs, forums, groups, social bookmarking sites, social networking sites, etc.

Blog Marketing

Blogs are like graffiti, once you stick something up there everybody sees it. That’s why it provides good insight into market trends because it becomes a tangible record of everyone’s response to your idea, product, service, etc. and allows corrections of misconceptions that impede their success.

Starting a blog is easy when using sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, and etc.

Generally, you want to blog about what your audience has an interest in. This can be restricted to members or groups, or be a completely open forum.

In other words, use everything at your disposal to get your product, service or idea into the right hands, not only in a legal manner, but more importantly, in a socially acceptable manner. Then, you will see the results of your efforts skyrocket. Don’t forget to record and track what you did, or you’ll kick yourself for not being able to repeat your event marketing success in the future.

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The Top Secret Weapon in Direct Mail Marketing: Saturation Mailer

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Find out the secret to cutting your postage costs by 68%

There is a secret weapon in direct mail that has helped local business grow all over the United States called Saturation Mailing. Saturation Mailings are a great way to target an entire neighborhood within a zip code, radius, or county. To qualify, all you have to do is mailed to 90% of residential addresses in a route, or 75% of the total number of addresses (including businesses).

Who is the best candidate for a saturation mailer?

  • Restaurants
  • Gyms/Health Clubs
  • Car Dealerships
  • Tanning Salons
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Realtors
  • and any neighborhood based business that derives most of their traffic within a radius of their business.

If cost is king…

One of the biggest advantages of saturation mailers is that it is by far the least expensive direct mail program that exists currently. A saturation mailing list is 80% less than your typical residential mailing list and the postage at 13.9 cents is 68% off the cost of a first class stamp. The postal service provides this postage discount for the time, labor, and money it would have spent coding, bar-coding and processing your postcard mailing. Because Saturation postcard mailers are provided to the post office in walk sequence order, the mail carriers only have to distribute the mail.

Target your neighborhood like only you know how…

Every neighborhood is made up into “carrier routes” which the postal worked delivers mail. By targeting the routes in your area, you are able to pick the “good neighborhoods” in your zip and mail only to the streets that you feel are the best prospects for your business. This micro-targeting of your neighborhood is a possible only with saturation mailing. You can find these type of mailing lists online, or call printing and mailing house to provide it for you.

What is the next step?

In order to mail a saturation mailer you need a bulk permit, or more commonly you will need to hire a mailing company and use theirs. Unless you mail on a consistent basis, we recommend that you use a professional print and mail house. When using a mail house service, you simply provide your postcard artwork, and it is printed and mailed on your schedule. All you have to do is design your postcard and wait for the customers to come in. We recommend that when you design your postcard for print, you should make a trackable offer so you can determine that the customers are from your marketing efforts.

Printing postcards and mailing them saturation rate is a secret weapon that many businesses use to boost their customer base. It’s a very easy and inexpensive way to use direct mail marketing to grow your business.

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Options Trading in Extremely Volatile Markets

Jun 01 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

The recent stock market crisis (2008) not only rocked the financial system and the world economy but also the pockets of countless options traders all over the world. Options traders who used to profit in the years prior to this market crisis broke their bank as none of their options strategies seem to work in this market anymore. So what is it about extremely volatile markets and how should one profit through options trading under such conditions?

Extremely volatile market conditions not only produce unpredictable short term stock price swings but also open up the bid ask spread of individual stock options due to a lower liquidity and profiteering by market makers. This combined effect not only made it doubly hard for options traders to make a profit. Volatile options strategies, supposed to be meant for such conditions due to their ability to make a profit when the market moves up or down strongly and their ability to profit from an increase in volatility, also failed to produce any consistent profits due to the higher premium outlay and wide bid ask spreads, soaking up most of the profits. Unexpected rallies also crunch volatility to the extent of producing losses through decaying the premium of long legs at express speed. Short term (weekly, monthly) directional options strategies fared even worse as it not only became almost impossible to predict short term price swings but the high premium and bid ask spreads also took most, if not all, of the profits away even if the stock did move in the expected direction.

So what works in an extremely volatile market condition such as this one?

First of all, let’s look at all the different ways to trade options. There are 3 main options trading methodologies; Swing Trading, Position Trading and Day Trading.

Swing trading is a directional options trading methodology that aims to pick stocks that will move quickly and strongly within a short period of time in a predictable direction and then execute bullish or bearish options strategies in order to profit from these moves. As mentioned before, trying to profit from directional swing trading in an extremely volatile market is like swimming against the tide. Not only is directions hard to predict in the first place but the high options premium along with gapping bid ask spread all work against its favor.

Position trading is more complex than Swing Trading as it aims to profit mainly (although there are also position trading strategies that are directional in nature) from volatility or premium decay through putting together several different options and / or stocks in order to produce a hedged, market neutral position. Position trading has produced some pretty profitable results for me in this market crisis as volatility soared and options premiums are high. This puts the disadvantages of an extremely volatile market condition in the favor of the options trader. Such positions include dynamically hedged delta-neutral as well as delta-gamma-neutral positions. Both of these position trading strategies aim to neutralize market movement such that unexpected swings do not affect the position significantly while the position safely takes the high options premium on the short legs into your pockets.

Day trading is an extremely dynamic options trading method where options are bought and sold very quickly within one day in order to profit from the slightest intraday price swing or change in volatility. This strategy was a pretty hard one to profit from in low volatility market conditions as prices doesn’t change enough within a day to produce significant profits. However, day trading becomes extremely profitable in the hands of seasoned options trading veterans in extremely volatile market conditions such as this market crisis as the Dow itself has produced intraday trading ranges of up to 10%! Yes, this is the kind of trading range and price range that cannot be realized in normal market conditions. Day trading often takes the form of simply buying or shorting call or put options and then quickly covering them when profitable. Day trading also avoids the extreme overnight uncertainties that so often catch swing traders by surprise in this market crisis. Sudden overnight good news can often gap the Dow up by a significant amount and closing it over 10% higher. This can wipe out all your profits if you had been betting in the opposite direction overnight. Day trading, however, is extremely risky for beginners in options trading as the price movement is so fast and dynamic that when things happen, beginners may not know what to do and be able to do it quickly.

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